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Shopping for Groceries with Amazon Prime

In yet another attempt to be artfully lazy (a pastime enabled by technology), I am attempting to shop for groceries via Amazon Prime

If you're unfamiliar, Prime is an optional Amazon.com offering that gives you free 2-day shipping on lots of stuff, streaming TV shows and a few other perks for $79 a year. It's pretty awesome, though I am trying to squeeze some extra utility out of it by replacing a few trips to Safeway with a few clicks at my desk.

For my maiden Prime Grocery Voyage, I have selected an 8-pk of V8 Fusion to be delivered at my abode tomorrow. The price was cheaper than at the store and will arrive at my doorstep with zero effort of my own.

If this experiment is successful, I fully intend to list out items that I'd normally lug home from the supermarket and, instead, order them via Prime. Will this change my life and make me more attractive to woodland creatures? Yes. So much yes.