Opera Virgin

I went to the opera for the first time, at the behest of my girlfriend. It was awesome. I wore a suit and everything, since it was opening night (and suits are required or whatever).

If you've never been, you should go. And take me along. I travel light. Here's a quote from the Denver Post's review of the Cinderella performance I saw:

Pacing is everything in this meticulously interwoven production, and conductor Timothy Long could hardly handle it more adroitly, with lively, spot-on tempos that kept the action — and the comedy — whizzing along.

It was totally whizzy.

(Photo credit: Cyrus McCrimmon, Denver Post)


New Twitter handle! @pugofwar is now @pug

I changed my username from @pugofwar to @pug, effectively immediately.


Because I thought it would be fun.

Is it?

Totes. I have to change a bunch of links, but it's a pretty cool name.

Does this change how you feel about me?

A little. I trust you a little less, but I'm still going to help you move apartments.

Any other big changes on the horizon?

I'm probably going to use more emoticons. :-)

National Caffeine Day

Today is 4/20, a day that the rascals of the world have set aside to commemorate marijuana and counterculture in general. That's terribly noble and junk.

But what the world needs is to celebrate the efforts of this man:

This is Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge. He discovered caffeine in 1819. His birthday is March 25. I propose that we celebrate National Caffeine Day aka 3/25. Consider it the geek's 4/20, since we owe so much to caffeine.

I hope I have your support. Let's get jittery together forever.

SXSWi 2011: A Boulderish Recap

Like many of my Boulder friends, I flew out to Austin to attend South by Southwest Interactive. In the spirit of Facebook, here are my Likes and Dislikes:



  • Tons of restaurants, dwarfing Boulder's selection.
  • Excellent weather.
  • Plenty of opportunities to meet up with people - even more if you planned via GroupMe or Twitter.




  • Too much focus on VIP status. I hope SXSWi 2012 is much more open.
  • The SXSW iPhone app didn't list the names of speakers, which was a huge miss in my opinion. I opted not to use it for that reason.
  • My hotel (Four Season Austin) charged for Wifi. This really, really, really needs to go away.



Trying Sumo-Powered Hair Product

I once posted about how I'd like to stop using hair product. That day is no closer, sadly. But I just started using some stuff called Sumotech. SUMO!!!

The Ef Rodriguez (@pugofwar) Stuffed Animal

Me and my buddy Mike Fraietta decided to have stuffed animals made in our likenesses because the world hasn't been creeped out enough. Mine just got delivered:

Ef Rodriguez (@pugofwar) stuffed animal

I asked them to put a kitten in the pocket.

Ef Rodriguez (@pugofwar) stuffed animal (kitty pocket)

And my username's on the back.

Ef Rodriguez (@pugofwar) stuffed animal (back)

If you want to cuddle up to one, let me know.

Stuffed Ef Rodriguez (@pugofwar) full body

How Many of My LinkedIn Contacts Changed Jobs in 2010?

I received an email this morning from LinkedIn that summarized a year's worth of job changes among my contacts with a large graphic full of smiling faces.

In all, 40% of my LinkedIn contacts changed jobs in 2010. Am I naive to think that's really high? Yes, I'm part of the trend (having changed jobs in June), but I didn't know that so many others had done the same.

Have you received this email yet? What percentage of your contacts jumped ship?

Twitter App for Mac Doesn't Show Mentions, Only Replies

The Mac App Store launched a few days ago, and one of the first apps I grabbed was the official Twitter one because I use the site obsessively. The app is clean, simple, responsive and a dream to use.

But it's broken.

The app doesn't show my mentions, only my replies. If someone replies to me, I will see it in the Mentions pane. If someone replies to me, but places someone else's @username first, I won't see it in my Mentions pane. If someone refers to me within the context of the tweet, but doesn't address the tweet to me, I won't see it. This makes the app worthless to me, as Twitter.com aggregates all instances of my @username into the same pane.

Here's an example. Using HootSuite, here's what the Mentions column looks like. See that tweet from @tcabeen in the center? I'm the second @username the tweet is addressed to, but it still migrates to the column. This is good.

Here's the Mentions pane in the Twitter for Mac app. The tweet from @tcabeen is nowhere to be found, even though it includes my @username. This is bad.

I don't want to set up a search for my @username within the app in order to see my mentions. Unless, of course, there will be a Pro version of the app that includes all uses of a person's username. Sneaky, Twitter. Very sneaky.

(Thanks to Monika Sue Ellen Runstrom for pointing this out!)

Did Your Business Shut Down? Tell Twitter, Dummy!

There's a restaurant/brewpub place in Boulder called the Boulder Draft House. It was pretty sweet. I was going to have an Ignite Boulder planning dinner there next week, but one of my friends had heard it closed down.

So I Googled the place, went to the site and didn't see anything. But considering that many business websites are onerous to update, I clicked on the Twitter icon at the bottom of the page, expecting to see a tweet or two about their closure.

Instead, it was a bunch of tweets from weeks and weeks ago and nothing that would suggest they had gone under. I called the place and their VM was full. Someone finally verified that the Draft House dream was over by visiting the place and seeing a sign.

The point of this post is this: If you bothered to create a Twitter account for your business (to announce specials, live music or hosted events), you should at least tell folks when you shut down. Yeah, it might be embarrassing, but it's an easy way to control the message and bid adieu to your followers (i.e. former customers).

I'll miss the Draft House. Just like I miss Redfish (which is what used to be there). I hope that space isn't cursed. Or maybe I do, since it could give me the chance to be the paranormal investigator that I've always wanted to be.


Looks like they got the message:

Rick Griffith, You're So Photogenic

I like that my friends periodically appear on the covers of magazines. Makes my heart go pitter-pat. (Yes, I just wrote that.)

Here's my buddy Rick Griffith on the cover of Westword. He was awesome enough to speak at our sold-out TEDxBoulder last year (which I helped organize), and it's gratifying to see him conquering Colorado.

Story is here.

My buddy Rick Griffith on the cover of Westword. Raaad.